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Strengthening Our Society

Project SOS is committed to strengthening our society by empowering families, today and for future generations, one life at a time. We work with teenagers of all ages to strengthen them with critical life skills for future success.

We’re a 501(c)(3), not for profit organization specializing in Youth Development, Life Coaching and Online Learning.

We offer critical life skills to students in both classroom and online formats using our Envision Curriculum. Our life coaches partner with individuals and motivate them to work towards future success.

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Resources For Everyone

Our Envision: Defining Your Direction in Life classroom curriculum engages teens with ‘Edutaining’ presentations and provide real solutions to their toughest problems.

Envision Online reaches teens where they live: on their phones. The videos use relatable stories that teach teens how to make decisions that will positively influence their future success.

Our life coaches work with individuals to develop and implement life strategies that layout achievable goals, produce healthier relationships, and greater personal satisfaction.

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