Project SOS Digital Arts Internship

Brand With Social Media

Project SOS Social Media

Learn how to brand using popular social media channels and learn how analytics can help you improve your campaigns.

Project SOS DASI Individual Activities

Shape Project SOS’s new Envision Presentations

Envision Defining Your Direction In Life

We want to hear from you! Help shape the look of Project SOS’s new classroom presentations! You’ll have a say in the design, pictures, videos, activities and more! Don’t miss this opportunity!

Project SOS DASI Demo Viewing

Write, Storyboard and Edit

Project SOS Story Creation

Lean how to include thematic storytelling techniques to craft gripping stories that can be adapted into a script. Create characters and story boards from your script and learn how edit your work.

Project SOS DASI Demo

Share Your Personal Story To Help Others

Sharing My Story

Your story, no matter how uneventful you might think, is a powerful tool to help motivate and encourage others. We’ll teach you how to share your story with people in need, using visuals, sounds and descriptions.

Project SOS DASI Internship

Principles of Webdesign

Project SOS Homepage

Learn the basics of web design. What makes a site easy to navigate, what makes a site come up first in search and what makes some sites faster than others. Learn how to get the right information to the right people.

Project SOS DASI 2016 Web