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10 Tips to Make the Holidays More Meaningful

At its core, the Christmas and Hanukkah season is about sharing time with loved ones and reflecting on the year behind you while excitedly planning for all the New Year has to offer. But in the midst of all the twinkling lights, colorful decorations, holiday parties and frenzied shoppers, it’s easy to get caught up in the sheer commercialization and stress that dominate this time of year. To help you keep the true reason for the season in focus, Project SOS offers these 10 tips to make the holidays more meaningful for you and those you love.

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Tips To Help You Happily Be Yourself

carvedpumpkinfaceHalloween is just around the corner. No doubt, you and your friends are busily planning your scary/funny/creative costumes. Oh, if only October 31st was the only day we donned masks that hide our identities. The fact is that bowing to peer pressure forces teens to play parts that are contrary to their true selves. Project SOS offers these tips for ditching the socially contrived disguises and boldly being yourself despite the pressures of your peers.

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Marriage Masks We Wear & How to Take them Off for Good

“A mask of gold hides all deformities,” Elizabethan playwright Thomas Dekker once said. And that’s exactly why we wear them – in an effort to hide the aspects of ourselves that we consider weak, inadequate or unattractive. But those personality masks can quickly lose their golden gleam, marring your relationship and even endangering your marriage.

A few of the most common and potentially most damaging relationship and marriage masks we wear include:

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Eight Great Pieces of Advice from the Elderly to Young Adults

If there’s one constant in life, it’s this – there will always be someone somewhere giving you advice, whether you want it or not. We seek it from financial advisors, pastors, marriage counselors, career mentors and many others. But we often fail to ask for, or even dismiss the sage advice that one can offer simply as a result of having lived on this earth for many decades.

While progress brings about many changes in technology, career opportunities and lifestyles, human nature remains essentially unchanged. Throughout time, people have wanted the same things – success, respect, love and peace being chief among them. To that end, Project SOS has gathered our eight favorite pieces of advice that elderly Americans have offered via Cornell University’s Legacy Project:

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Teens: Declare Your Independence from All that Holds You Back

This month, our nation celebrates 238 years of freedom since the ratification of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. Today, we here at Project SOS encourage you to declare your own independence from all that holds you back from your own dreams, goals and aspirations.

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You’ve Graduated High School – Now What?

You've Graduated - now What?High school graduation is among the most exciting and life-changing milestones you’ll ever experience. It’s a doorway into a whole new phase of your life. Will you go to college? Or will you skip higher education and head directly for the work force? Will you take a year off for a cross-country pleasure trek to live it up before deciding on a major? Or will you spend the next 12 months in a third-world country on a humanitarian mission?

Once your diploma is in hand, your cap and gown are hanging in the closet, and all the well-wishing is done, then what? You’ve got a world of opportunity before you and many questions to answer as you begin this thrilling and important new phase of life. Project SOS offers a few tips to help you on your way:

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Four Fail-Proof Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Life Coaching Sessions

Life coaching by Jacksonville’s Project SOS is designed to help you make the most of your days by guiding you through issues like identifying a life purpose, overcoming obstacles, aligning values and actions and maintaining a positive mind-set even in the midst of trouble. Your sessions will be with one of our three top-notch coaches certified by the American School of Professional Life Coaching.

But the best life coach in the world can’t help a client who doesn’t help himself. It’s a two-way game that you can win if you’re prepared, committed and an active participant throughout the entire process. Project SOS offers five fail-proof tips for making the most of your life coaching sessions:

  1. Prepare on paper: Before your first session, write down all thoughts, feelings, fears and goals you want to address in your life coaching appointments. This will help both you and your coach get a clear picture of your current situation and your desired outcome. Keep a journal throughout all of your sessions to help keep your progress on track.
  2. Mind your mindset: Arrive at your coaching sessions ready to work. Take time in the hours before your session to relax, clear your head and focus on what you hope to accomplish in your session. Take care to clear your schedule that day. One appointment that runs over its allotted time can cut into your preparation or session time or cause you to rush, arriving at your session stressed out, exhausted and unable to focus.
  3. Be honest and open: Life coaching often is about peeling away the layers, so to speak, of all that’s keeping you from reaching your life goals. More times than not, those layers are internal, which means that it’s your own perceptions and choices that are holding you back. The kind of self-reflection it takes to admit and effectively address those hindrances can be tough, but it’s critical to your success. Remember that your coach is there not to judge you, but to guide you. Don’t be afraid to be honest and open with him or her.
  4. Own your coaching: The best football coach in the league is only as good as his players are willing to play. The same goes for your life coaching sessions. Your coach can offer fail-proof advice, but you must follow it. If you’re given a homework assignment, complete it. Be an active participant during and after your sessions. Only you can assure your success.

If you’re ready to get your life on a positive, prosperous track, sign up for life coaching services by Project SOS. Call 904-296-9950 today.

Life Coaching – What It Is & Why You Want it

It’s often misunderstood and occasionally parodied on Saturday Night Live. But life coaching is an increasingly popular choice, and it can help you reap serious benefits in your relationships, career and life. Once the domain of the elite – namely movie stars, pro athletes and high-dollar executives – life coaching now is enjoyed by those from all walks of life. And it’s helping thousands of people, including Jacksonville residents just like you, live healthier, happier, fuller lives.

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