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Teens Are Making Healthier Life Choices

Research Shows Teens Can And Are Making Healthier Life Choices
The Recent Youth Behavior Risk Survey (YBRS) from the CDC for Duval County show some very encouraging results when it comes to teens making healthy choices. With all the bad news in the media, we need to celebrate our victories and continue on with the work we are doing to help our teens.


High School Student Victories!
Behavior                                         2011                     2015                     % OF CHANGE

Alcohol Use:                                  35.6%                  30.2%                   -5.4%
Cigarette Use:                              12.4%                   7.1%                      -5.3%
Ever had Sexual Intercourse:   50.9%                  36.7%                   -14.2%
Currently Sexually Active:        36.7%                   25.6%                   -11.1%
Watched TV 3+ hours/day:      41.1%                    28.2%                  -13.9%


Middle School Student Victories!
Behavior                                         2011                     2015                     % OF CHANGE

Alcohol Use:                                  36.5%                  30.0                      -6.5%
Cigarette Use:                               23.0%                  17.2%                   -5.8%
Ever had Sexual Intercourse:   18.8%                  12.6%                   -6.2%
Had 3 or more sex partners:     7.6%                    4.5%                     -3.1%
Ever Used Marijuana:                14.5%                  13.9%                    -0.6%


High School Students’ Caution Areas!

Behavior                                         2011                     2015                     % OF CHANGE

Current Marijuana Use:            22.9%                 25.0%                   +2.1%
Were obese:                                  11.9%                  13.1%                    +1.2%
Bullied on School property:      17.6%                  20.2%                   +2.6%
Attempted Suicide:                      12.7%                  18.9%                    +6.2%


Middle School Student Caution Areas!                                                        Behavior                                         2011                     2015                     % OF CHANGE

Slightly or very overweight:     22.0%                 25.3%                  +3.3%
Attempted Suicide:                      8.4%                   11.3%                   +2.9%


Our teenagers do make healthy life choices when given medically accurate, age appropriate information in an environment filled with love, encouragement and entertainment. Project SOS has been working with teens in middle schools and high schools throughout Northeast Florida for over 20 years. We are very excited that more and more teens have made healthy life choices to help them reach their goals and dreams through avoiding drugs, alcohol and sex.

The most important area of concern is the number of student who have thought about or attempted suicide. Our students are valuable and need to be told by parents, sibling, teachers, and others involved that they are one of a kind, cannot be replaced, are here for a purpose and have a future filled with hope. Most of all they need to know and hear they are loved. Come help us reach teens at or call our office at 904-296-9950.

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Project SOS Presented with City Council Proclamation

City CouncilJACKSONVILLE, FLA., May 14, 2015 – City Council President, Clay Yarborough, presented Project SOS with a unanimously supported Council Proclamation on Tuesday. The Council honored Project SOS for its 21 years of serving the Jacksonville community.

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Project SOS Accepts Ethics Award from Better Business Bureau

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., April 9, 2015 – Project SOS was presented with an ethics award on Thursday, April 9, 2015, by the Better Business Bureau. At the inaugural Torch Awards luncheon, the BBB recognized nine companies in the Northeast Florida and Southeast Atlantic regions for exceptional integrity and trustworthiness.

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Project SOS Reports Results From Statewide Expansion of Programs With the Help of Representative Janet Atkins

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., March 30, 2015 – On March 26th Dr. Pam Mullarkey, Founder and CEO of Project SOS, met with Representatives and Legislative Aides in the House to report the tremendous success of a $300,000 allocation in last year’s budget to take Project SOS Transition course statewide. Being granted $300,000 last year, Project SOS reached 17 additional counties, 15,000 students, in North Florida. If granted the money again this year, another 15,000 students will be reached as far south as the Keys. The SOS Transition course equips 6th and 9th grade students to transition into their new school environment while empowering them with critical life skills delivered in a fun and interactive curriculum.

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Project SOS Raises $100,000 for Local Teen Programs With the Help of Senator Aaron Bean

On March 14, Project SOS held an annual benefit, a formal event at One Ocean. All proceeds from the event go to help local teenagers receive critical life skills in their middle schools and high school on the First Coast. These life skills include: setting written goals, establishing six boundaries to protect their goals, practicing six refusal skills, dealing with bullying, establishing healthy relationships, staying out of debt, etc.

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Funny Stuff for a Serious Cause


Project SOS’s 21st annual Comedy Night prompted some serious laughs and raised some serious cash – all for a worthy cause. Guitar comedian Matt Jernigan was the feature entertainer at the event, which featured a “Boots, Chaps and Cowboy Hats” theme, Southern-style dinner and live and silent auctions.

Jernigan is known for his zany song parodies that poke fun at everyone from pop phenom Justin Bieber to rock-and-roll icon Elvis Presley, and for his 100-percent clean comedy. He’s also an actor who has appeared on multiple TV shows including The X Files, Days of Our Lives  and Comedy Central’s Make Me Laugh, and in films Empire Records and Velocity Trap.

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Life Coaching – What It Is & Why You Want it

It’s often misunderstood and occasionally parodied on Saturday Night Live. But life coaching is an increasingly popular choice, and it can help you reap serious benefits in your relationships, career and life. Once the domain of the elite – namely movie stars, pro athletes and high-dollar executives – life coaching now is enjoyed by those from all walks of life. And it’s helping thousands of people, including Jacksonville residents just like you, live healthier, happier, fuller lives.

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Katrina Shares Her Story on Bullying

Featured on First Coast News, Project SOS teacher Katrina Rogers shares her story with reporter Michelle Quesada.

Katrina expresses how she overcame bullying: “Once I started looking at the components that made me beautiful… I was able to use what made me beautiful on the inside and apply it on the outside.”

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Project SOS Helps Students Stand Up to Bullying – Jacksonville’s Florida Times Union Takes Notice

Project SOS’s recent visit to Duval Charter School at Baymeadows opened many students’ eyes to the damaging effects of bullying. Jacksonville middle schoolers listened intently during one of three separate assemblies tailored for sixth, seventh and eighth graders, wherein counselors helped walk them through identifying and dealing with incidents of bullying.

Several students broke down in tears and one called the presentations “inspiring,” as noted in a feature article in the Florida Times Union. Bullying is an issue that’s gaining a lot of media attention – and with good reason. Consider these heartbreaking statistics:

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