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Florida Times-Union Article

Participants gather for a group photo after completing the “Why Knot” workshop. “Anybody can come into a class and learn how a relationship is supposed to work,” says Laban Doyle, project manager for the Healthy Relationships Department. “But it’s another thing to practice and do it.”

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Empty Your Jug!

Emptying the Emotional Jug, and Other Life Lessons Learned —

Is your relationship or marriage on an emotional roller coaster? If you find yourselves going at each other and walking away mad, try emptying the emotional jug. It works! Ask the Dinsbeers. David and Janessa recently completed three group sessions under Project SOS, a non profit organization in Jacksonville that teaches relationship skills.

“I’m still crossing my fingers hoping we pass,” says David with a big grin on the morning of the last session. His wife Janessa sits calmly by his side but not without emotion. “We’ve done the homework,” she adds. She gave this example. “Just days ago we were both distant and unhappy. I felt he was non-existent, not really there. I was building up problems inside. The Saturday prior we learned about emptying the jug. He was prying it out of me. Why are you so mad? What is making you so sad?

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Stephanie and Chris: A Case Study

Stephanie and Chris joined the Why Knot program when their relationship was in trouble. They admitted the only reason they were together is because they were expecting a baby, and Project SOS was their last hope of making their relationship work.

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Waffles and Spaghetti

Men’s brains are like waffles and women’s brains resemble a plate of spaghetti… Project SOS youth development specialist Nikki DeMoya used this analogy with West Nassau High School students as she described the differences between men and women May 16.

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The new dream team

Former Olympic gold medalist Christian Laettner hosted a basketball game at his home to help Project SOS raise funds to impact the lives of local teenagers in middle and high schools. The players survived two hours of full court basketball without too many injuries and all had a wonderful time learning some moves they will never forget!

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To Impact and help in Uganda

What an honor and privilege Project SOS has been given:  to impact the lives of thousands of local teenagers and use trained ambassadors to reach thousands more teenagers in Russia, Haiti and Uganda.

470 high school students in Uganda sat quietly in an auditorium as Project SOS taught them about their value and worth. They learned that they had gifts and talents that could be used to reach their goals and dreams. Following the training, students used the Envision Workbooks given to them by Project SOS to write down personal goals, internal boundaries and friends that would help them stay accountable to focus on their goals and not on sex, drugs, alcohol, bullying or violence.

Making a Difference

This spring, Project SOS was contacted by a high school that was in distress. Tragically, their student body had experienced two suicides within six months and a recent drowning. The students were shaken and overwhelmed. The school requested Project SOS come and talk with the entire student body. When we asked why they contacted Project SOS, the answer was, “You are THE only organization that brings our teenagers HOPE!” We were humbled and honored to share a message that their futures and lives really do count and have tremendous value. After spending two full days working with the teens, we saw hope rise up in their hearts. We were so glad to receive this note from a 10th grade female who’s life was dramatically impacted by Project SOS:

“You came to my school a little bit ago, and I wanted to say thank you for it. Ya’ll are really an inspiration. I’ve been going through a really rough time. I moved here about a year ago. Left all my friends ): When I got here I hung out with the wrong people. I was raped in November and that’s not the first time I’ve been sexually assaulted. I was in and out of the hospital; first time for overdosing and the second for cutting and a depressing note that I wrote. So many other things were happening just in my life in general, and I’m so glad I didn’t die when I overdosed. Ya’ll gave me a boost up. Thank you.”