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Teens: Declare Your Independence from All that Holds You Back

This month, our nation celebrates 238 years of freedom since the ratification of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. Today, we here at Project SOS encourage you to declare your own independence from all that holds you back from your own dreams, goals and aspirations.

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Five Reasons Teens Should Get Summer Jobs

Oh, summertime! Lazy days at the beach, or hitting the mall or just hanging with your friends might top your to-do list for the next three months – and rightly so. Relaxation and socializing with friends will always be important, no matter your age or phase in life. But there’s also a great deal of satisfaction in work – another factor that will play into your quality of life for decades.

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You’ve Graduated High School – Now What?

You've Graduated - now What?High school graduation is among the most exciting and life-changing milestones you’ll ever experience. It’s a doorway into a whole new phase of your life. Will you go to college? Or will you skip higher education and head directly for the work force? Will you take a year off for a cross-country pleasure trek to live it up before deciding on a major? Or will you spend the next 12 months in a third-world country on a humanitarian mission?

Once your diploma is in hand, your cap and gown are hanging in the closet, and all the well-wishing is done, then what? You’ve got a world of opportunity before you and many questions to answer as you begin this thrilling and important new phase of life. Project SOS offers a few tips to help you on your way:

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Five Fantastic Alternative Spring Break Ideas

The spring break season is officially under way. And of course, teens everywhere are excited about a week of freedom and fun in the sun. But it’s also a great time to lend a helping hand. Project SOS offers five great ideas for rocking your spring break in a positive way.

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Five Ways to Rock Valentine’s Day without a Valentine

Valentine’s Day can be wonderfully sweet when you have a significant other to spend it with. But it can also be fabulous when you’re unattached. Many don’t see it that way. Watching others rack up on flowers and chocolates and heart-shaped knickknacks can be a bit disheartening, for sure. But it’s also an incentive to pamper yourself a bit and spend quality time with great friends who also may be facing the day dateless.

Project SOS offers five great ideas for fun ways to spend Valentine’s Day without a Valentine:

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How to Choose a Great Role Model – Tips for Teens

In today’s media-centric world, it can be tough to find a role model truly worth emulating. Celebrities, famous athletes and even politicians fail us morally and ethically on a regular basis. So what’s a teen to do? Project SOS recommends basing your choices on a few top traits:

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Top Concerns of High School Students

High school can be a blast. But it also can be incredibly stressful. The teen years are a highly transitional time when kids are leaving childhood behind, learning about and dealing with the opposite sex, balancing social lives with scholastic responsibilities and unknowingly making decisions that may affect the very course of their lives.

Among the top concerns of today’s high school students are drugs & alcohol, sex and personal image.

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Great Ways Students Can Spread the Holiday Cheer

While the holiday season is a joyous one for many, it can be a heartbreakingly tough one for others. Those less fortunate financially can find it hard to watch others celebrate so extravagantly. Many teens spend their holidays not in warm, loving homes with their own families, but in homeless shelters, hospitals or group foster homes surrounded by strangers. Feelings of depression, despair and loneliness are known to worsen during this time of the year.

But there are ways that students can help their fellow teens in tough situations enjoy the Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year holidays. Here are just a few ideas:

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Teen Pregnancies Decline, but Lifetime Consequences Continue Long After Delivery

The good news is that the rate of teenage pregnancies has been on a steady year-over-year decline. The bad news – The sheer numbers of teen births remains far higher than most would expect and the consequences for both young mothers and their precious babies are heartbreaking and long-lasting.

According to statistics from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Guttmacher Institute and other research agencies, three in 10 American girls will get pregnant at least once before age 20. That’s upwards of 750,000 teen pregnancies each year. And nearly a quarter of teen moms will have a second child within 24 months of delivering their firstborn.

While reality shows like MTV’s Teen Mom may make pseudo-celebrities of girls having babies while still in high school. But the true reality is far, far different for those who aren’t on television.

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