Five Fantastic Alternative Spring Break Ideas

The spring break season is officially under way. And of course, teens everywhere are excited about a week of freedom and fun in the sun. But it’s also a great time to lend a helping hand. Project SOS offers five great ideas for rocking your spring break in a positive way.

  • Plan a beach cleanup: It’s a great way to spend some time in the sand and sun while also being of service. Pick up some trash bags, gloves and litter sticks from your local dollar store, round up your friends and compete to see who can fill the most bags. Celebrate with a beach party afterward.
  • Take a furry friend for a walk: Walking is a great way to get a little exercise during spring break. And there are lots of furry friends who could use a stroll in the sun, too. Contact your local homeless pet shelter and volunteer to walk a few of its residents. Both the staff and your four-legged-new friend will be greatly appreciative.
  • Swing a hammer: Or paint brush. Or some sod. For many students, going home after school can mean checking in at the local homeless shelter. And often, their friends and fellow students don’t even know it. Fortunately, Habitat for Humanity and similar organizations help change that for many locals each year by building affordable new homes or repairing existing ones with help from volunteers.
  • Uncover your city: No matter how long you’ve lived in Jacksonville, there’s likely some part of it you’ve never seen, and some interesting bit of history you’ve never heard. Pay a visit to your local historical society or the special collections section of your public library. Ask about the most interesting and little known story about your area, then pack a picnic lunch, grab your camera and plan your own field trip.
  • Find a new passion: A week’s freedom from school allows you a great chance to learn something you can’t via textbooks and lectures. Head out to the shore and take a surfing, scuba or paddleboard lesson. Sign up for an outdoor yoga class on the beach or in a local public park. Or make a few (big) new friends by taking a horseback riding lesson or signing up for an animal encounter event at your local zoo, aquarium or animal reserve.

There are lots of alternative spring break options out there. Find one that interests you and go back to school with a renewed energy, a sense of accomplishment and a great story to tell your friends.


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