Three Top Pieces of Advice Adults Wish They’d Heeded as Teens

If you’re like most teenagers in America today, the adults in your life, from parents to teachers to counselors to youth pastors to your crotchety old neighbor lady, are full of advice — boring, nonsensical, eyeball roll-inducing advice, and lots of it. While it may seem a drag to hear advice that you’re sure you’ll never actually need, remember that the adults you love all were your age once, too, and likely felt the same way when one of their elders said, “trust me…”

So, on the off chance that you really WILL need it one day, Project SOS presents three top tips to which your folks undoubtedly wish they’d paid attention all those years ago.

  • You can’t REALLY do anything you set your mind to: If you could, Hollywood would need to expand its borders and essentially take over the entire state of California and perhaps a few others. After all, only one American Idol / America’s Next Top Model /American Academy Award for Best Director trophy gets handed out each year. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give your dream your best shot. It simply means that you may need to expand your own mental borders and consider other ways in which you can live out a slightly altered version of your dream. You might land that Best Actress Oscar one day, so don’t let this particular piece of advice dissuade you from trying. But know that the applause from the audience at your local stage theatre can be just as rewarding, too.
  • Life truly is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you respond to it: Popularity is fickle. Economies tank. The unexpected happens. And yes- your kids, too will one day deem you decidedly uncool. You cannot control others’ opinions or actions. And life will throw you curves throughout your years here on earth. You can, however, control your reaction to all of these. In fact, you’re the only one who can. Learn to react wisely, positively and constructively.
  • These are NOT the best years of your life: Of course, some adults will swear that their teen years were the best and obsessively wish they could go back. But look closely – these adults tend to be the ones who limit their own successes by failing to heed advice, and are bitter for it. The truth is that every phase of your life can be its own beautiful best for different reasons. It’s up to you to embrace each one and make it wonderful.

So, the next time an adult pulls you aside and imparts a bit of hard-won wisdom, listen. Trust us. Just listen, smile and remember that one day, you’ll be the one doling out the same advice to your own eyeball-rolling brood.


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