Three Ways to Help Your Child Rock Back-to-School

August means that kids nationwide are headed back to school. No matter the age or grade, it can be a stressful time for them. So, Project SOS offers a few tips on ways parents can help their children excel in the new school year.

  1. Stay informed: Make a point to know what’s going on in your child’s school. Take the first opportunity to introduce yourself to his or her teachers and check with them periodically. Request schedules that spell out when projects are due and quizzes or tests are planned so that you can help keep your child on track. Also find out what extracurricular activities or clubs your child is interested in and encourage involvement.
  2. Set limits: Make sure your child gets homework done by establishing a set time and a quiet space that’s dedicated to study. Remove distractions including television, game systems and smartphones. Should your child need homework help, study up yourself and identify other sources of help including local tutors or online study aid sites. Also, set and enforce bed times to assure your child gets adequate rest.
  3. Encourage: Above all, encourage your children. Let them know they’ve got your support and celebrate their accomplishments – That good grade on the pop quiz, that creative project idea or that part landed in the school musical.

Studies show that students with involved parents are more likely to earn higher grades and test scores, enroll in higher-level educational programs, develop better behavior and social skills, graduate and continue on to college. So don’t leave them to fend for themselves academically. Be involved help your child not just succeed, but excel in and enjoy school.


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