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Goal Setting

Project SOS Goal Setting

Learn how to set goals and Envision a path of success for your life!


Project SOS Boundaries

Learn what boundaries are and how to use them to protect your goals and dreams.

Refusal Strategies

Project SOS Refusal Strategies

Learn how can manipulate you by pressuring you and what you can do to refuse their pressure.

Healthy & Unhealthy Relationships

Project SOS Healthy Relationships

Discover what makes your friendships healthy or unhealthy. Discover the essentials of dating relationships.

Media Influences

Project SOS Media Influences

Discover how the media can help you or hurt you as build your social identity. Learn how to rise above social media trends.

Bullying, Self-Harm & Suicide

Project SOS Bullying

Learn about the different kinds of bullying, its effects and how to identify and intervene to help a depressed or suicidal friend.

Substance Abuse

Project SOS Substance Abuse

Learn about the different kinds of drugs, their effects, and how they can lead people down a path of addiction and dependence.

Sexual Risk Avoidance

Project SOS Sexual Risk

Does sex equal love? What’s the difference between STDs and STIs? What is the most effective way to prevent STDs and STIs? Find out!