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Boundaries Protect Us

Boundaries protect us from harmful situations just like a home protects us from the elements and keeps us safe.

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Boundaries Define Us

Boundaries define what we will and will not do, everyday. They’re like the markings on a football field, which keep the game fun and competitive.

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Boundaries Guide Us

Boundaries guide us towards our goals and outline where we should avoid going, just like the markings on our roads.

Project SOS 6 Essential Boundaries
Time Boundaries

Time Boundary

You can’t get time back, so how do you protect your time? For example, do you limit your social media usage so that you have enough time to study and hangout with family and friends?

Ex: I’ll give myself 30 minutes of social media free time after practice before I begin my homework.

Project SOS Place Boundaries

Place Boundary

There are some places you wouldn’t want to visit because they are dangerous, but what about places that aren’t considered dangerous? Places like a friend’s friends home at night, or closed off lot. How do you protect yourself in places that are unfamiliar?

Ex: I’ll never go to the park after sunset because fights always breakout and the police usually show up. My best friend’s house is a safe place when I’m away from home.

Project SOS Media Influences

Media Boundary

There are just some things you can’t ‘unsee.’ The internet is filled with such images. Do you avoid websites and videos that don’t give you a healthy perspective on sexuality, authority figures or even your parents? What are your online boundaries on what you’ll see, share, say and do online?

Ex: I’ll avoid websites that promote violence and illegal activities. I’ll also never bully or harass anyone online or while gaming.

Project SOS Physical Boundaries

Physical Boundary

Has anyone ever invaded your bubble? It’s really uncomfortable and awkward. So make it clear to your friends, significant other and even family, exactly what your physical boundaries are. Then stick to them. Don’t let others define who you are.

Ex: My significant other knows that anything more than holding hands and hugging is unacceptable.

Project SOS Dress Boundaries

Dress Boundary

You will never get a second change to create a good first impression. What limits have you set for what you’ll wear to a job interview, school, around town or even at the beach? Remember, first impressions can’t be changed. What does your clothing saying about you? Is that how you want to be viewed?

Ex: I’m a student athlete. I enjoy wearing my team’s favorite jersey to school, but for this Saturday’s job interview, I’m wearing dress shoes, a suit and tie.

Project SOS People Boundaries

People Boundary

Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future. Your close friends play a huge role in what you say and do. Do you call just anyone your friend? What are your clear limits? Is your best someone who cheats on tests, or gets into fights and talks back to teachers at school? People might think the same about you.

Ex: I have big goals of making it into college so I stay away from people who cheat on tests or ask me to help them cheat.

It’s Your Turn!

Download Your Boundaries Template

Project SOS 6 Boundaries Page

It’s time to protect your goals

Protect your direction in life today by printing your very own boundaries template. Make sure to share them with a parent and friend!

Instructions: Click on the thumbnail image to load the full resolution image.

Then press (command + P) on mac to print or (Control + P) on Windows to print.

Steps to Success

Remember it’s not enough to write your boundaries down, you have to practice them daily. Boundaries will help you avoid distractions and situations that would endanger your goals.

  1. Fill the template out completely.
  2. Share it with a friend and parents.
  3. Keep your goals visible – somewhere you can see everyday.

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