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Project SOS Best Friends
Project SOS Best Friends
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Project SOS Healthy Relationships


Project SOS healthy trust

Healthy friendships and relationships need trust. Think of trust as the glue that holds your friendships together. When you do or say things that hurt your loved ones, trust is weakened. Build trust with consistency.


Project SOS healthy communication

You can’t have a friendship, or much less a relationship if you don’t talk. That’s why healthy communication is the fuel that keeps relationships burning brightly. Say what you mean and mean what you say.


Project SOS Friendships Respect

Respect is an admiration towards someone based on their traits or accomplishments. It can also be the act of given someone importance. Healthy friendships are held up by a mutual respect for one another.


Project SOS Friendships Support

Everyone needs to feel supported. Friendships and relationships are a great place to find grounded and realistic support. Think of support as emotionally holding someone up when they’re too tired to stand.


Project SOS Friendships Trust

Accountability is the key to longevity. Everyone eventually gets tired and everyone at one point wants to give up. Accountability is that support system in a very intentional and specific way to keep you from quitting.

Project SOS Unhealthy Relationship Characteristics


Project SOS Unhealthy Friendship Gossip

Gossip. It’s basically make-believe paraded as truth. It tears life-long friendships apart, creates rumors and ruins reputations. Even if there’s a hint of truth in gossip, it isn’t told in a kind, encouraging way.


Project SOS Unhealthy Friendships Manipulation

Like a puppet master controls a marionette, manipulators control others’ thoughts and actions. Manipulation is opposite of relationship because it doesn’t create equality, support or healthy communication.


Project SOS Unhealthy Friendships Jealousy

Jealousy is poison. It slowly kill those afflicted silently – often, it goes unnoticed. It creates invisible barriers between friends, families and couples. It creates unhealthy competition and deep, bitter resentment.


Project SOS Unhealthy Frienships Abuse

Abuse is not normal. It can be physical, emotional or verbal. Don’t forget that it isn’t your fault and you shouldn’t tolerate it. Abuse puts you in danger, hurts your self-esteem and robs you of your freedom.


Project SOS Unhealth Isolation

Isolation. It’s a classic red flag pattern of unhealthy friendships and relationships where an individual is pulled away from their primary support system, such as their friends, family or both.

It’s Your Turn!

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Sey ‘Yes’ to your Goals and ‘No,’ distractions

Protect your direction in life today by writing down your very own refusal strategies template. Make sure to share them with a parent and friend!

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Steps to Success

Now that you know the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships, it’s your responsibility to get the help and support you need to either address the unhealthy aspects of your friendship or relationship or to let it go. It’s important to ask for help from your parents, mentors and friends. You can do this!

  1. Write down up to five of your friends’ names.
  2. Give them a point for true answers and skip for false.
  3. Count of the scores.
    Roots are 10-8 points; Branches are 7-5; Leaves are 4-0.

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